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Pinot Tenant Management

  • This documentation cover's the PinotTenant custom resource and its fields.
  • PinotTenant CR holds the desired state of a pinot table.
  • Reference to Pinot Tenant CR

Pinot Tenant controller is in experimental phase.
Expect breaking changes.

GVK - Group Version Kind

  • Pinot Tenant Controller watches and reconciles PinotTenant custom resource.
  • PinotTenant CRD defines the following:
Version: v1beta1
Kind: PinotTenant


kind: PinotTenant
listKind: PinotTenantList
plural: pinottenants
singular: pinottenant


  • PinotTenant CRD scopes PinotTenant to namespace scope.

In kubernetes resources are scoped to namespace or cluster.
Ex: clusterrole is scoped to cluster whereas deployments are scoped to namespace.

Pinot Tenant Custom Resource Fields

Pinot Tenant custom resource is designed to define the desired state of a pinot tenant.

Pinot Cluster

To create pinot tenant specify a pinot cluster name field in spec.pinotCluster.

pinotCluster: pinot-basic

Pinot Tenant Type

Specify pinot tenant type in spec.pinotTenantType.

pinotTenantType: BROKER

Pinot tenant types supported are BROKER and SERVER

Pinot Tenant Json

Specify pinot tenant json spec.tenants.json

tenants.json: |- 
"tenantRole": "BROKER",
"tenantName": "sampleBrokerTenant",
"numberOfInstances": 1