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Pinot Table Management

  • This documentation cover's the PinotTable custom resource and its fields.
  • PinotTable CR holds the desired state of a pinot table.
  • Reference to Pinot Table CR

Pinot Table controller is responsible for creation, updation and deletion of pinot table.
Update of pinot schema results in segment reload.
Pinot table controller is responsible for triggering segment reload on state change.

GVK - Group Version Kind

  • Pinot Table Controller watches and reconciles PinotTable custom resource.
  • PinotTable CRD defines the following:
Version: v1beta1
Kind: PinotTable
kind: PinotTable
listKind: PinotTableList
plural: pinottables
singular: pinottable


  • PinotTable CRD scopes PinotTable to namespace scope.

In kubernetes resources are scoped to namespace or cluster.
Ex: clusterrole is scoped to cluster whereas deployments are scoped to namespace.

Pinot Table Custom Resource Fields

Pinot Table custom resource is designed to define the desired state of a pinot table.

Pinot Cluster

To create pinot table specify a pinot cluster name field in spec.pinotCluster.

pinotCluster: pinot-basic

Pinot Schema

Specify the created pinot schema for the table in spec.pinotSchema.

pinotSchema: pinot-basic

Pinot Table

Specify the type of table in spec.pinotTableType.

pinotTableType: realtime

pinotTableType supports realtime, offline and hybrid as values.

Segments Reload

Pinot control plane triggers segment reload on state change of the pinot schema CR. In order to enable auto reload of segments to spec.segmentReload: true

segmentReload: true

Pinot Table Json

Specify the pinot table json in spec.tables.json.

tables.json: |-
"tableName": "airlineStats",
"tableType": "REALTIME",
"segmentsConfig": {
"timeColumnName": "DaysSinceEpoch",
"timeType": "DAYS",
"retentionTimeUnit": "DAYS",
"retentionTimeValue": "5",
"segmentPushType": "APPEND",
"segmentAssignmentStrategy": "BalanceNumSegmentAssignmentStrategy",
"schemaName": "airlineStats",
"replication": "1",
"replicasPerPartition": "1"
"tenants": {},
"tableIndexConfig": {
"loadMode": "MMAP",
"streamConfigs": {
"streamType": "kafka",
"stream.kafka.consumer.type": "simple",
"": "flights-realtime",
"": "",
"": "",
"stream.kafka.hlc.zk.connect.string": "kafka-zookeeper:2181",
"": "kafka-zookeeper:2181",
"": "kafka-0.kafka-headless.pinot.svc.cluster.local:9092",
"realtime.segment.flush.threshold.time": "3600000",
"realtime.segment.flush.threshold.size": "50000",
"": "smallest"
"metadata": {
"customConfigs": {}