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Developer Documentation

  • Get started with running and developing druid operator locally.

Dev Dependencies

  • Golang 1.20+
  • Kubebuilder v3
  • It is recommended to install kind since the project's e2e tests are using it.

Running Operator Locally

We're using Kubebuilder so we are working with its Makefile and extra custom commands:

# If needed, create a kubernetes cluster (requires kind)
make kind

# Install the CRDs
make install

# Run the operator locally
make run

Watch a namespace

# Watch all namespaces

# Watch a single namespace
export WATCH_NAMESPACE="mynamespace"

# Watch all namespaces except: kube-system, default
export DENY_LIST="kube-system,default"

Building The Operator Docker Image

make docker-build

# In case you want to build it with a custom image:
make docker-build IMG=custom-name:custom-tag


Before submitting a PR, make sure the tests are running successfully.

# Run unit tests
make test

# Run E2E tests (requires kind)
make e2e


If you changed the CRD API, please make sure the documentation is also updated:

make api-docs 


The Makefile should contain all commands with explanations. You can also run:

# For help
make help