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Dsoi Spec Install Terminology

To build a spec, let's understand the underlying terminology.

ClusterA cluster consists of different types of nodesApache Druid, PrestoSingular Entity-
NodeA cluster can have multiple nodes of the same nodeType or different nodeTypeDruid Cluster consists of multiple druid broker, A Presto Cluster consists of single coordinatorSingular Entitymap[string]NodeSpec ie one to many
NodeTypeA nodeType defines the type of the nodeDruidBrokerAz1 has nodeType broker, and PrestoWorkerAz2 has nodeType workerNode Scopedone to one ie each node has a nodeType
K8sConfigGroupsA node k8s config group consists of k8s specific configuration. Each Node is mapped to a node config groupDruidBrokerAz1 is mapped to high-mem node config group and DruidBrokerAz2 is mapped to low-mem node config groupNode Scopemap[string]nodeK8sConfigGroupSpec ie Mapping of node config group to a node is one to many.
AppConfigGroupsAn appConfigGroup consists of app specific, log4j.xmlNode and Cluster Scopedmap[string]appK8sConfigGroupSpec Mapping of an app group to node is one to many.
DeploymentOrderAn order defines the order of execution of installation and upgrade for a nodeTypeDeploy druid nodes in order of broker > controller > historlcals > coordinator and routerClusterone to one for each nodeType
ExternalExternal consists of configurations of external dependencyzookeeper, metadata stores, deepstroageClustermap[string]externalSpec ie one externalSpec for one cluster